Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment Programme

About us

Cellfield was designed and pioneered in Australia and introduced to the UK in 2009 by Fiona Macdiarmid, a teacher and former Headteacher with over 30 years of experience in education.  Fiona opened the first UK Cellfield Centre in Stirling, Central Scotland in April 2009 and since then she and her team have helped well over 250 children and adults who have dyslexia and similar processing difficulties.

Fiona holds the licence to develop Cellfield in the UK and has trained and awarded licences to 5 other UK centres in Stirling, South Yorkshire, Southampton, Dumfries and Essex.

Contact Cellfield UK because:

We are the sole provider in the UK of the unique and effective Cellfield programme

  • We effectively treat dyslexia and can test for dyslexia.
  • We help people with a range of reading and language difficulties
  • Our clients can achieve amazing gains in their reading and language processing 
  • We are growing and our reputation is spreading

Our clients are our most valuable advocates.  Read their testimonials.

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Fiona with Cellfield clients, Rachel and Angus
Fiona with Cellfield clients, Rachel and Angus

Fiona Macdiarmid is a teacher and former Headteacher with over 30 years experience in education.  Since 2003 she has run the highly successful Kip McGrath Education Centre in Stirling, one of the most successful Kip McGrath centres in the UK.  Fiona and her Kip team have supported well over 2,000 students towards achieving their potential.

“My passion has always been to develop my own expertise to help people who, despite their best efforts, are not able to achieve their potential due a variety of barriers to learning”

Fiona Macdiarmid B.Ed., S.Q.I.E.