Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment Programme

Cellfield 2009 - Caroline Curley

Caroline Curley's opinion of Cellfield

"Andrew was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Developmental Coordinator Disorder and Visual Stress whilst attending primary school. We were very anxious about him starting High School and after discussions with Fiona, we decided to enrol him for the Cellfield Programme. He was the first young person in the UK to undertake Cellfield in April 2009. We noticed improvements in self-confidence and concentration, and to our delight, he read a book cover to cover for the first time. Andrew underwent the programme on two more occasions and after completion of the third intervention there were significant improvements in his working memory, handwriting and self-confidence.

Since then, Andrew has achieved three Highers, a HNC Social Sciences (Grade A), and is now on the second year of BA in Social Sciences. Cellfield has had a major impact on Andrew's life and those who have participated in the programme. It most definitely deserves major recognition as it helps to unlock the potential of those with the gift of dyslexia."