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Fun methods to help children with Dyslexia

Learning can be fun!!

It can be hard to try and get your child to sit, and do their homework or try to read a book. Especially, when all the want to do is go on their iPad or watch the TV!

However, here are some fun methods for your child to do at home to help with their Dyslexia.

Getting play dough and creating different animals, and then getting them to write down what the animal is 3 times. This helps them remember the word and enabling them to spell it.

Getting letter magnetics for the fridge. This is a fun way for children to spell various different words and learn a new word each day.

A Rubik’s cube can be a very effective way of encouraging problem solving skills among Dyslexics. Dyslexics have been said to be great problem solvers so maybe this will be too easy!

Finally, creating a word treasure hunt; hiding various long words around the house for your child to find. Long words can be difficult for Dyslexics to pronounce and this could help encourage them to learn these words, and practice how to say them