Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment Programme

The importance of reading for Dyslexics

Get reading!!

Many Dyslexics find reading a book challenging and will be reluctant to read aloud in class. As Dyslexia can make reading hard and seem an impossible task, remembering what they just read can be an issue.

Although, reading is a vital aspect of a child’s learning in the early stages of primary school. It enables them to learn new words and understand sentence structure. Reading at a young age prepares children for high school and then onto college or university. Moreover, it builds upon one’s self-esteem.

Various ways to encourage Dyslexics to read is to get books with pictures as many Dyslexics are visual learners and there is not a lot of writing. This is a very useful way to encourage Dyslexics to start reading and improves their confidence. Also, after they build upon their confidence they may be more willing to read books with less pictures and independently read on their own.

Reading is incredibly important, take those TVS or game consoles away if need be!!