Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment Programme

Feeling more confident when having Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a gift!

Having Dyslexia whilst at school can seem like a flaw and those who have Dyslexia feel they are not able to undertake their classes as well as others. This is simply not true.


We can suggest various ways that can help improve the confidence of those with Dyslexia:


1) Reading more at home can help Dyslexics improve their abilities to read and learn new words. Also, when asked to read in class, they can feel more confident to do so. Reading at home is vital and will be beneficial throughout life.

2) Reading a loud at home is also a good tip for improving confidence and help at school as stated above.

3) Teachers understanding Dyslexia and putting the right support in place for the pupil/student so they will feel they are equal to others in class, and feel comfortable.

4) Finally, undertaking the likes of Cellfield makes children/adults with Dyslexia in general feel more confident when it comes to reading, problem solving and maths.


Having Dyslexia is not a disadvantage! In many cases, it is a gift.