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The Importance Of The Outdoors And Helping With Learning

Get the kids outside!

Being outdoors even for 30 minutes a day can help with studying and memory. Due to advancements in technology and social media, more time is being spent on phones and laptops. This can be very damaging, especially for young children.

Here are various ways to encourage your child to go outside:

1) Taking part in an outdoor sport; undertaking a sport is not only a great social activity and keeps the body fit, it also can help with memory and be a great way to stimulate ones’ brain!

2) Long walks are also another great way of refreshing the mind. Even going for a 15 minute walk a day can help with ones’ health.

3) Helping with the gardening! Although, this may not be a fun for all the kids, it can help the parents out! However, this is a one for the summer!