Cellfield Results

At Cellfield we assess our clients in order to measure progress and also to validate the effectiveness of the Cellfield programme.  Our clients report many positive outcomes from undertaking Cellfield - increased self-belief, confidence and concentration, amongst others -  and, by assessing our clients before and after the 10 days of Cellfield (and again at least 6 months later) we are able to measure gains in their reading age achieved by undertaking Cellfield.

Our clients gain on average 2 to 3 years in their reading age after just 10 days. When we re-assess them 6 months later, we generally see further gains in clients' reading age. The graph below was compiled using data from the 125 treatments carried out during the first 4 years at our Stirling Centre.

Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment
Chart compiled from data collected at the Stirling Cellfield Centre 2009-2013

The gains in reading age achieved after just 10 days of Cellfield treatment are further enhanced during the weeks and months following treatment.  Cellfield really is a sustainable treatment and many of our clients tell us it is life changing.

The assessments we use are part of the Woodcock Reading Mastery Series of tests, which are widely-used University standard tests.  We also use the Gray Oral Reading Tests and the British Dyslexia Screening Test.

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