Dyslexia Testing

At our Cellfield centres we carry out dyslexia screening and assessments to ascertain suitability for Cellfield. Our Cellfield clients undergo assessment before and after undertaking the programme in order to measure effectiveness and progress.

We use the following assessment resources:

  • Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests
  • Gray Oral Reading Tests
  • Neale Analysis of Reading Ability
  • Dyslexia Screening Test (Fawcett & Nicolson DST-J, DST-S & DAST)
  • Massey Spelling Test
  • ACER Spelling Test

Please contact us to find out more about dyslexia testing.

Cellfield Dyslexia Testing
We carry out tests to assess suitability for Cellfield and also before and after Cellfield treatment to measure progress achieved.