Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Cellfield?

Many treatments for dyslexia are based on the belief that overcoming dyslexia is not possible and the best approach is to accomodate difficulties. Cellfield however is based on neuro-science and brain plasticity research which shows that brains are not hardwired and neural pathways can be reorganised to help people overcome dyslexia. Cellfield uses brain plasticity research and clever computer science to synchronise information and deliver it directly where it is needed, quickly and efficiently. This brings about permanent and sustainable improvements.

How do I know if Cellfield is for me?

Cellfield has helped many people with dyslexia and similar processing issues and experience has shown it is effective for a broad range of conditions. You should consider Cellfield if any of the following issues apply: you have been screened for dyslexia or assessed as having language difficulties; you struggle with reading, spelling or writing; you read well but cannot recall a lot of what you have read; you have poor working memory or concentration; you have difficulties with reading fluency, accuracy or comprehension; you have difficulty repeating instructions you have been given orally.

Does Cellfield only help with reading/ language problems?

Cellfield helps with a range of difficulties (see above) and our clients have reported many additional improvements after completing Cellfield. These include improved concentration and behaviour and increased confidence.

See our testimonials to find out what some of our clients say about Cellfield.

How do you know Cellfield works?

Cellfield has been treating clients in many locations around the world for over 10 years. Everyone who undertakes the Cellfield treatment achieves gains in their reading age and, because we assess clients before and after treatment, we have the results to show that Cellfield works.

Can I access the Cellfield treatment from my computer?

Cellfield is not simply a computer programme; the treatment is effective because it combines computer science with appropriate personal support from our professionals. Cellfield is delivered by University-trained professionals who tailor the treatment to the client's individual needs. This ensures clients achieve the maximum benefit from their Cellfield experience.

Do I need my eyes tested before doing Cellfield?

Eye examinations are part of the Cellfield package and we ask clients to have their eyes examined prior to treatment so we can assertain whether our special glasses need to be worn when they are doing Cellfield.

Are there some people who should not do Cellfield?

The Cellfield programme requires clients to concentrate and apply some basic letter/sound skills and, if necessary, some additional tuition beforehand can help. People with epileptic tendencies would need medical clearance before doing Cellfield.

What if I do not live near a Cellfield Centre?

Some of our clients travel long distances to access Cellfield and we do not underestimate the commitment this involves. We try to minimise inconvenience by being flexible when scheduling appointment times and we can arrange to do some consultations and follow ups by telephone, Facetime or Skype.

Has there been research on Cellfield?

There has been published research and there is ongoing analysis of the results achieved by Cellfield clients around the world.

Would I need to do Cellfield more than once?

Some of our clients have returned to repeat Cellfield because they experience particularly severe symptoms. We have also had clients repeat the treatment when they are older because they felt it had been such a benefit to them.

How do I find out more about Cellfield?

To find out more about Cellfield, please contact our UK Head Office or one of our Cellfield Centres.