Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment Programme

The Cellfield Programme ..

Cellfield Phase 1

Cellfield Phase 1 is a computer-based, multi-sensory programme carried out over two weeks at a Cellfield Centre. During each daily one-hour session clients wear headphones and sometimes special Cellfield glasses and, using the computer mouse, they respond to audio and visual prompts. By bonding the visual, auditory and motor functions in the brain, Cellfield develops and strengthens left hemisphere brain activity, enabling reading to become more automatic and comprehension and fluency to increase. The programme is supervised by University-trained professionals and support is always on hand.

Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment
Our Cellfield clients are supported throughout their treatment

Cellfield Phase 2

After completing the ten sessions at a Cellfield centre, clients embark on Phase 2 of Cellfield, which is vital to reinforce and develop the skills acquired during the first phase of treatment. This is 10 weeks of planned reading (oral and silent) at home. Full information is provided by the Cellfield centre and support is always available. Clients undergo assessments at the start and at the end of the ten Cellfield sessions to measure progress and then again six months later. This allows us to see the results achieved by our clients.

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