Cellfield UK

Cellfield is a unique programme designed to bring together the skills required for efficient reading.

Helping people with dyslexia and other language processing issues, unlock the power to read
and reach their learning potential.

I almost missed out on Cellfield because I thought it was not for me; it was nothing I had already heard about, it sounded too new and different. However, when I did my research it did make so much sense. Cellfield is not a magic bullet and it is a commitment in both time and money, but it has certainly changed the lives of my two children, especially my son. He would describe himself as an avid reader now as he reads for pleasure and information. When I asked him what Cellfield did for him, he said “it was like a door opened in my brain and all the fighting battles left and it was much calmer”. It is impossible to put into the words the joy and pride I feel every time I see them with their nose in a book.
Mum of Tom (10) & Poppy (9)