About Cellfield

About Us:

Cellfield was pioneered in Australia by Dimitri Caplygin. He has a long career of innovation, winning national prizes in Australia for design and having two international patents granted.  There are now over 45 Cellfield centres operating in: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, UK, Canada.

In the UK:

Fiona Macdiarmid introduced the first centre to offer Cellfield in the UK in 2009,  following specialist training in New Zealand with Dimitri Caplygin himself.

Fiona is a teacher and former Headteacher with over 35 years’ experience in education. Between 2003 and 2021 Fiona set up the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Stirling, one of the UK’s most successful Kip McGrath tutoring centres. Fiona and her team supported well over three thousand students during that time.

“My passion has always been to develop my own knowledge and expertise to help students to unlock their learning and achieve their potential. The heartfelt feedback from children and adults who have undertaken the programme is very moving for us.”      Fiona Macdiarmid B.Ed., S.Q.I.E.

Fiona’s qualifications and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Education degree with an elective component in Reading and Literacy.
  • Special Qualification in Early Education.
  • A career with Glasgow City Council Education Department, working at all levels of primary education, starting as a class teacher and progressing to Headteacher – a post held for five years. Fiona achieved the Investors in People standard both for her effective leadership as a Head Teacher but also for her effective management and leadership of her Kip McGrath Centre in Stirling.
  • Fiona was responsible for assisting in the co-ordination of Glasgow’s Literacy Team and delivering related training. Fiona also wrote a curriculum resource on developing ‘play’ in the classroom as an effective learning medium and delivered in-service training to teachers.

Our Locations:

In addition to her own centre in Stirling, Fiona holds the licence to develop Cellfield throughout the UK and to date has trained and awarded licences to five other centres in South Yorkshire, Enfield,  Essex.and Carlisle

We are currently seeking qualified individuals and centres to become Cellfield providers.

Ideal providers are speech language therapists, optometrists, educators including special education teachers, psychologists, audiologists, learning/tutoring centres and quality educational institutions.