"I love Cellfield!"

"I can read because of Cellfield."

Sean (8)

“Cellfield has been a relief, to say the least as I have finally broken the reading barrier and the frustration prior to the course. The things I have noticed the most is my call back memory and now enjoyment in reading (understanding). Great environment in which to undertake it and all very supportive."

Jo (19)

"Thank you very much for helping me with my dyslexia! I think I am getting better at my reading and spelling."

Evie (11)

"Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you have given Evie. After just 2 weeks of Cellfield her reading skills have improved so dramatically I can hardly believe it. She is now reading so much faster and she can understand and follow the story so much better. She enjoyed coming for her sessions and never once complained....I think that is largely down to you, your fantastic rapport with children and the sophisticated design of the Cellfield programme making it fun to do."

Mum of Evie, 11

"Before I went to Cellfield, my confidence was very low, I had never read a book from cover to cover.  There were also times in my life at school I never answered any questions as I always thought my answers were wrong. When people would say things to me I took it differently to what they actually meant which would sometimes lead to arguments. I always joked I had short term memory loss as I could never remember what someone had just said. I just put everything down to me being unintelligent, low self esteem and generally feeling stupid. I went along to Cellfield to establish if I showed any signs of dyslexia. The results concluded that I was a high risk case for dyslexia. I then followed the Cellfield programme and since then my confidence has improved, I read 1 book within 3 weeks and I am now halfway through The Da Vinci Code. I find reading so exciting now"

Stephanie (32)

"Cellfield has made a huge difference for me across the board. Not just in being able to read better and understand what I am reading but it has also sped up my brain in general. I have found myself to be able to touch type very accurately and quickly as well as being able to speak more fluently without having to pause so often. I can also carry out tasks more quickly such as being able to write essays. I would recommend Cellfield to anyone. Even if you have no problem with reading or writing Cellfield will make a difference to you no matter what. No matter how old you are Cellfield will still change things for the better."

Carrick (17)

"I almost missed out on Cellfield because I thought it was not for me; it was nothing I had already heard about, it sounded too new and different. However, when I did my research it did make so much sense. Cellfield is not a magic bullet and it is a commitment in both time and money, but it has certainly changed the lives of my two children, especially my son. He would describe himself as an avid reader now as he reads for pleasure and information. When I asked him what Cellfield did for him, he said "it was like a door opened in my brain and all the fighting battles left and it was much calmer". It is impossible to put into the words the joy and pride I feel every time I see them with their nose in a book."

Mum of Tom (10) & Poppy (9)

"Cellfield has made a real difference to Andrew. I am thrilled that he can now pick up a book or comic with confidence and know that it is possible to enjoy reading it. This is an intervention that I wholeheartedly recommend to parents/guardians of children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. This is quite literally a life changing intervention"

Mum of Andrew (11)

“We have found the past few months very emotional. I am so glad we found Cellfield. The change in Ruairidh is fantastic. We went into Cellfield with open minds and were not disappointed. Ruairidh is now more confident and happy, something you can’t put a price on! One week after finishing Cellfield, Ruairidh came downstairs to tell us he had finished reading his book on his own and that he for the first time actually understood the story. I will never forget this moment as it made all of us feel so proud! Ruairidh will now happily pick up a book, magazine or newspaper, something he would never do before as reading was so difficult. We are so pleased with Ruairidh’s continuing success."

Parent of Ruairidh (12)

Cellfield UK Dyslexia Testing and Treatment

"We think of Cellfield as our long-awaited miracle. It is like a good book - the further you get into it the more sense it makes. It opened the gate and introduced our 10-year-old son to the literary world. He literally cannot put a book down now! He is totally hooked and never goes anywhere these days without a book, if not two. His confidence in dealing with language based maths problems and English comprehension is coming on leaps and bounds. Thanks to the Cellfield Intervention programme he is also enjoying school far more"

Parents of Archie (10)

“I really enjoyed going to Cellfield every day. I could feel my reading getting better over the two weeks. All of the staff there were so much fun and made it interesting for me. I think that my reading has really improved since I went to Cellfield. Before I went to Cellfield I didn’t really like reading books but now I love reading them. I have read Goodnight Mister Tom, Children of Winter, Series of Unfortunate Events and I am reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at the moment."

Alexandra (10)

"I would like to thank you and everyone who helped me for introducing me to Cellfield. It was a long two weeks but it was worth it. For the first time I picked up a book and actually enjoyed it and understood it. Also the ten week follow up was a great help. I saw an improvement in me as a person and my confidence in reading. Everybody was so kind and helpful and I would just like to say thanks."

Skye, (11)